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How to Sync a Metric with Amplitude
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The following steps for linking a Metric with Amplitude works for any metric, included North Star Metric (NSM).


  • Integrate your Product with your Amplitude account.
    • Find the "Integrations" menu on the left sidebar.
    • Click "Add Integration" on the Amplitude integration.


    • Enter your Amplitude Project Keys and Secret.
      • Check here for more details:

    • Click "Return to Metrics"

  • Find the metric you want to connect with Amplitude and select it.
  • Once on the metric page, scroll down and below the chart you will find a panel with all the metric measurements.
    • On the top of that panel, you'll find some Action Buttons. 
    • Select "Link Behavioral Data".


  • Follow the steps on the page to link your metric with Amplitude.
    • 1: Select Amplitude
    • 2: Skipped if you're already connected with Amplitude.
    • 3: Select the event you want to link to the metric.
    • 4: Click "Measure Event" to preview the data.
    • 5: Click "Link Data" to finish.


If everything went well, you should start seeing your metric measurements from Amplitude in the table below the chart. 



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