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Nominating ideas in NorthStar

The purpose of idea nominations is to create a shortlist of the ideas to discuss in your weekly growth meeting so that you can test the best ones. Most growth teams have core growth team members nominate one or two ideas each week prior to the growth meeting.  

To nominate an idea simply open the idea card and click "nominate" on the menu at the top of the card. There is also a shortcut for idea nominations which is to click the star on the smaller card view or in list view.  

Nominated ideas appear under the "workflow" tab in the process section when you click the "show nominations" button on the top right of the page.  They appear automatically when you click "start growth meeting" in the "nominated ideas and workflow" section. To send a nominated idea to testing, simply drag it into the up next column. Any idea not sent to testing in the growth meeting will get sent back to the idea backlog. But a record of each nomination will be kept in the timeline on the idea card so you know how many times it has been nominated. Sending ideas back to the idea backlog helps your team stay agile and avoid the mistake of creating a long-term testing roadmap.     

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  • 24-Jul-2018