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What’s this about voting cliques and rings? Why can’t I ask my friends or colleagues to upvote my content?

You can absolutely promote content submitted to GrowthHackers. The problem occurs when someone is part of a voting clique or voting ring.

By definition, this means that the person is part of a group that has implicitly or explicitly agreed to upvotes each other’s content, irrespective of quality, wherever and whenever it’s submitted. They’ve participated in this behavior by sending or receiving links to submissions via Slack, Skype, messenger, email or other non-public means to make it easier for everyone to upvote this content.

Great content will be recognized by the community. If everyone upvotes content that is truly high-quality and satisfies the bottom line we stated upfront (i.e, adds to the community’s understanding of growth), this will lead to a much more valuable experience for everyone on GrowthHackers.

It’s safe to say that we track what happens on the site. We know who engages in this behavior and the patterns associated with it.

Because of this, “gamed” posts are relatively easy to spot. So if you find that your content made it to the Trending page but then suddenly vanished from there, it’s because our system detected such a pattern. If we find continued evidence of this behavior, we reserve the right to lock or ban accounts without warning.

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  • 19-Aug-2019