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When are submissions removed or not approved?
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This happens if a post is deemed to be of off-topic or inappropriate. In other words, it meets one or more of these criteria:

  • Has no actionable growth/marketing takeaway
  • Is just a list of product features
  • Is a landing page for products
  • Is obviously an overly self-promotional
  • Has content so basic that it could be found by simply Googling it
  • Is cursory level overview of any topic
  • Is about general business, general internet use, IT, blog setup, WordPress, Magento, etc
  • Is about increasing startup/team productivity in some way
  • Is worded using poor language or sentence structures
  • Is on a domain full of spammy links or non-relevant sidebar advertisements
  • Is submitted by a company name or fake name
  • Is not in English
  • Has been plagiarized
  • Has content where more than ¾ of it regurgitates higher-value content and does not add any value over and above what’s been referenced
  • Is a duplicate of existing content, just from a different URL
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